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ADHD Refill, Lab and CheckUp Policy

Children with ADD/ADHD controlled by medications need to be seen by their physician for an evaluation visit every three months. This allows us to monitor closely their weight, growth and blood pressure, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of their treatment regimen and make adjustments as necessary. Additionally, these children will need a full Well Child Check yearly; this may be combined with one of the quarterly ADD/ADHD evaluation visits. We will continue to require blood work yearly to monitor for possible side effects of the medications; this will be done at one of the quarterly visits as well.

If evaluation visits and blood work are not done at the appropriate time, the medication will not be refilled. Please schedule your visits in advance, in order to obtain an appointment time most convenient to you.

Planning ahead for prescription refills by calling a week in advance is also recommended. Prescriptions will not be refilled without a minimum of three days notice. This allows our doctors and nurses to review your child's chart and verify updated evaluation visits and current blood work.

Our office staff wants to work with you to obtain prescription refills in a timely manner and make convenient appointments. We appreciate your assistance with this matter.