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Policy on Psychoeducational Testing and Management of ADD/ADHD

The physicians of Pediatric Associates want you to be aware of our policies regarding the review of psychoeducational testing in our office, as well as alert you to how some insurance companies treat ADD/ADHD.

In order to diagnose and manage ADD/ADHD, our doctors must review psychoeducational testing done by private psychologists or through the school system. This review takes place when the evaluation is delivered to the physician, and prior to an initial consult, physical exam and treatment plan.

Pediatric Associates charges $125 for review of such evaluations. This is billed to your insurance, but it is important to note that many insurance plans do not cover this service; therefore, you may be responsible for payment of these charges.

Also, some insurance companies consider ADD/ADHD a mental health diagnosis and will only pay for services rendered by a mental health professional, not a primary care physician. We urge you to become familiar with your particular plan’s policy on this issue before our physicians render services for your child. If your insurance company denies payment for services rendered, the charges become your responsibility.